A) ARCHITECTURE. The main characteristics were: 

  • The main materials were ashlar and brick.
  • Semicircular arch and the basilica were the most used constructive elements.
  • Buildings were covered with barrel and groin vaults.

The courtyard and exterior of Aachen cathedral, showing many domes and spires

There were different types of buildings. The most important ones were the religious like the Palatine Chapel in Aachen.

Churches had an underground crypt under the main altar to deposit the reliquaries as well as their design included several apses and towers. Meanwhile monasteries had a church and a cloister as well as other rooms where the monks worked and rested all of them surrounding the cloister ( dormitory, kitchen, storeroom, library, refectory, etc). Nevertheless,  there were secular buildings such as Charlemagne´s palace in Aachen.


Only few sculptures have been kept. The most important ones are made of ivory and show religious topics. However, we have a small statue of emperor Charlemagne riding a horse. 


The miniatures used in illuminate manuscripts are the most important paintings. They depict religious scenes in bibles and gospels.

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