The most important invasions in Europe from the 7th century to the 9th century were:

  1.  Muslims/Moors (600-800)
    –   They came from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) through Africa
    –    Black Muslims were called the Moors
    –    Their domination extended from Africa and passed to Spain where they remained for 8 centuries.

2. Vikings
– Vikings (Norsemen 700-1100 AD)
– Their Homelands were in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland
–  They were blond-haired, blue-eyed German Barbarians with a polytheistic relgion
–  They were skilled seaman and traveled across Europe into the Mediterranean and North America in their Viking ships
–   Vikings ravaged all of Europe and into Asia as well as they founded Dublin (Ireland) in 841 AD
–   Vikings ruled Russia (Novgorod) in 860 AD
–   Erik the Red reached Greenland in 982
–  1000 AD Leif Eriksson lands in N.A. but never established a settlement there
–  1100 the last Vikings gave up their old gods and converted to Christianity
–  Vikings  intermixed with all the peoples across the continents
– Their civilization will be merge and become part of most of European culture.

3. Magyars (800-900)

Magiares aprende todo sobre esta cultura, su historia y mucho más
–   They came across the Caucasus and Ural Mountians – possibly being driven out of their home lands by the Mongols.
–    They lived in Turkish lands for awhile and picked up some of their ways.
–    Magyars lived on horseback much like the Huns and their weapon of choice was the bow and arrow.
–    Magyars traded with the Crimean people from where they attacked many cities and towns on the frontiers of Roman civilization
–    Although magyars inflicted much damage on Europe they settled in the area of Hungary.

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