Muslims assimilated culture, technology and knowledge of the peoples they conquered but, on the other hand, they spread their religion and language.

One of Muslim biggest contributions  is to have preserved ancient scientific while at the same time they also transmitted Chinese, Indian and Persian scientic ideas. Muslims also translated Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists´ works into arabic so the medieval Christians could have access to them.

Muslim geographers, astronomers and opticians had an excellent reputation.  The main contributions to culture were:

  1. Muslims adopted Hindu numbers introducing the concept of zero.
  2. Doctors were the most skilled during the Middle Ages. Muslims doctors wrote anatomical books. Avivena was one of the most famous Muslim doctors.
  3. Literature works were also famous and maybe the Thousand and one nigths written in the 9th, was the most popular book.
  4. Among the innovations introduced  in Europe by the Muslims we can mention the astrolabe, the compass, the paper and the gunpowder.

 Islamic Civilization

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