The economy of the Crown of Aragon was based on agriculture and livestock farming. In many cities, maritime trade stimulated artisan activity in areas such as textiles and metalworking.

Consulados de Mar: los cónsules | El Derecho Marítimo a través del tiempo

From the 13th century, the Crown of Aragon became an important centre of trade in the Mediterranean and the main trading ports were Palma, Valencia and Barcelona.  Fabrics, oil, weapons were exported while spices, luxury fabrics, sugar and wheat. 

Consulates of the Sea were created in main Mediterranean ports to protect the interests of the traders. The consuls had the power to solve problems between different authorities in the territory.

Consolat del Mar · Valencia Actua


As  trade developed, the Aragonese monarchs made conquests to extend their dominions on the Mediterranean coasts. The territory conquered included Sicily, Sardinia, the duchess of Athens and Neopatria. In the 15th century, Naples was added.


Extensive trade made possible the development of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeois provided ships and money to the Crown in order to support the military expansion.

Maximum expansion of the Crown of Aragon in the Mediterranean Sea (1442) |  Imperio bizantino, Imperio espanol, Historia de españa

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